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Eyes full of dollar signs and cameras in hand, Americans react. When they see something like the Camera Van, they come running. They are hungry for celebrity, for attention. For some, it is a hunger for the genuine and unique; for others, it's about the perceived connection between the camera and TV & film. Americans pursue what they are curious about, and they aren't afraid to point. They point, they laugh, they ogle and harumph. Americans, for the most part, are not a shy people. Harrod drove the Camera Van 10,000 miles around the United States through Georgia, Kansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi. He participated in art car parades and exhibitions in San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis and New York, including the Eastman Kodak parade in Rochester. Stay awhile and see the people and the photos that comprise the magic of The Americans Astonished.

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Harrod Blank
Berkeley, CA

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