Welcome to the wonderful and candid world of Harrod Blank's Camera Van!  Follow the arrows and we'll take you on a VIP tour of the world's most unique rolling photographic studio, truly the world's ONLY van carpeted wall-to-wall in cameras and rigged to catch the candid expressions of people everywhere.  We'll show you the Astonished Americans and take you across the Atlantic to witness the Bewildered British! We'll answer every question you can think to ask, and we'll keep you smiling.  Come along for a ride you'll never forget.

Hear the entire Camera Van Song* while you surf.
* "I've Got A Vision" by David Pugh, Dan Lohaus, and Harrod Blank

Automorphosis Art Cars DVD by Harrod Blank
Art Cars Book - New Edition by Harrod Blank

Camera Van Flash Intro
FIlm Documentary
by Harrod Blank
Starring Camera Van
See the Camera Van in a new film and book
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Camera Van Flash Intro

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