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Camera Van New Flatscreen MonitorsUpgrade:  New Flat Screen Monitors added March 09!

Two Samsung 20" Wide Screens replace the Duratrans monitors and now a repeating slide show of the Camera Van's photography is presented!

Camera Van RearTwo life-size Duratrans murals of children light up and "wave" at passersby from the Camera Van's rear "windows." Kodak Autographic and antique cameras radiate out from a rainbow of colorful kids cameras framing the waving children. Convex spot mirrors dangle from the rear bumper as well, like so many more lenses aiming to snap a moment in time! The bumper is lined with Kodak Disc cameras.

In the fall of 2006 the images of the children were replaced by two gawking old men, actual photographs taken by the van.   In April of 2009, these duratrans muruals were replaced by working flat screen computer monitors that are connected to a lap top that shows the best images taken by the van.  This may be operated while driving but it is not recommended.

Now the driver's side

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