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Photography is one of Harrod Blank's passions, in fact he built the Camera Van in order to take pictures. The Van, with all its dazzling decor -literally a rolling history of humankind's love affair with its own image-is merely the means to his photographic end. It is both the bait and the snare that catches the prey, both the fascination and the flash. His aim to capture a person in that magical instant of reflex reaction, of surprise, bewilderment, wonder, of curiosity in action. In some 15,000 frames shot from the Camera Van during its travels in the United States and Great Britain, less than 100 great photos have emerged. As with all art and the art of life itself, his dream has yet to be fully realized. The Camera Van has yet to achieve its full and perfected photographic potential. You are invited now to witness the magic of the world's one and only Camera Van as it explores America and across the water to the Old World and into the photographer's own perplexed psyche.

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Harrod Blank
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